Monday, November 8, 2010

My "other" blog

Since the 2009 craft fair, Wes and I have made hundreds of frames and other furniture for people. I really need to get a copyright on the name of our company. Does anyone know how I go about that? I have also created a blog for all the stuff we are working on. I really want to make a button that people can put on their blogs...does anyone know how I do that too? Anyway, my other blog is Here
Morgan and Craig came across this obstacle race last spring and decided to get some people together and go for it. The closest race would be in Frisco, CO, and wasn't until August. When we heard about it we totally wanted to go for the vacation and the experience. We had originally all planned to dress up as warriors but Morgan said he wasn't able to find any warrior gear so he got us some redneck stuff. Well when he showed up, he had warrior gear for himself but none of us...thanks Morgan. Anyway, the trip was good and the motel and town was fabulous!! We fell in love with all the little "ski" towns in this area (it's by Breckenridge)and want to go back next year!

The Rednecks

The Warriors



You could donate your shoes to a charity and get a $2.00 coupon towards a pair of Warrior Dash flip-flops. I gladly did:)

Here is the guy that won the beard contest (pretty impressive beard. He had only been growing his beard since April or May, just like Morgan and Jeff.

After Morgan took 2nd in the beard contest and 1st in the costume contest(you can clearly see why), we spent literally 2 hours taking pictures with people. It was pretty fun actually. Of course Morgan soaked in all the attention and he wanted to stay all night. We finally departed to our motel in Frisco and ate at a little steakhouse and back to our rooms we went. What a fun journey!

We are home!! (Those are "W's" we are doing with our hands...not "3's")

Our wounds from the mud pit!

No more beards!! Yay!!

Bieber Fever

Annie and I was able to go see Justin Bieber in concert this summer with the Williams family. They had 2 extra tickets last minute and asked if we wanted to go. Of course we went and had a blast!! There was a lot of giggling and screaming pre and post concert(even by the adults). It was hilarious:) Thanks for inviting us, we loved it!

4th of July

This year to celebrate the 4th of July we headed up to Raft River. We started of the celebration Saturday morning with the 1st annual Raft River 5K and 10K. Wes & I did the 5K and Josh Webb did the 10K. We only have a picture of me and Josh haha (sorry Wes). Then, we all head over to the Steadman's house. This is not just any's like nothing I have ever seen. There is so much for the kids and adults to do. Here is just a few pictures (cuz I have tons) of the fun we had. After the fun settled down we had a great dinner and program followed by a huge firework display!!

Here is Wes deciding if he dared go on the ultimate swing. Yes, it is a crane swinging kids into the pond!! Now that is awesome....maybe a little dangerous to haha!! He went and he loved it!

Here are some pics of the kids waiting to go down the GIANT waterslide. There is 2 now and they are sooooo much fun!!

This slide was incredible!

Uncle Dean is always fun and he gave our kids a ride on his bikes.

Beaver celebrated on Monday, so we were able to participate in the children's parade (where they let the kids ride bike or walk down main street).

Thanksgiving Point Farm

We had our annual eye exams in Spanish Fork(where Morgan works)earlier this year, so we decided to go up the day before and go to the little farm at Thanksgiving Point. After fun at the farm, we ventured over to Cabella's and checked out their "stuffed" zoo. Haha. That was actually just as fun:) We also ate dinner at Cabella's Cafe(it was not very all!) and back to the motel for some swimming. It was cold but the kids had fun.

Family Pictures

So Wes and I have been married for about 7 yrs and we have never had professional family pics! Terrible I know:) Well clear back in February of this year, the clogging company in Beaver did a fundraiser and you could get family pics for $15.00!! I couldn't pass it up. Here are a few of my favorites (my other favorites are on our walls in our home). (We were lucky because the session right after us didn't show up so we got a lot of extra pictures).

The Dentist

Annie has always been such a good natured girl. She is easy to take places even if it is a new experience. Like the dentist. She has always been great at all of her check-ups. Here are some pictures of her 1st cavity repair:) The sunglasses help her sensitive eyes from the bright light the dentist uses. My eyes are the same way and I wore those exact glasses when I was younger haha. We love Dr. Murdock, but he has been around awhile.